Windows 10 Anniversary Update release time not like macOS Sierra

By Peter Chubb - Jul 17, 2016

It’s been confirmed that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update release date will be on August 2, which is three weeks this coming Tuesday. However, do not expect its release time to be as straight forward as that of macOS Sierra, which we we know that once we are given a date, all supported devices will be able to download and install the updated version at pretty much the same time, as long as there are no server issues.

That’s the good thing about Apple, their update roll outs are usually very good, and this is something that Windows users have just come to accept. In terms of the exact Windows 10 Anniversary Update release time, it’s not yet known at this time, but we do suspect that it will be staggered, and so not all users of the current version will be able to download this OS at the same time.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update release time

We do suspect the rollout to be staggered, although not like it was when Windows 10 was first released, as that was one very slow rollout. We’re not even sure what happens with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update Retail version, as those desktops, laptops and Surface devices could still be sold with the current Windows 10 version, and have to update to the Anniversary Update once you have taken your device home.

While there is a lot to be excited about because of the amazing features coming to this Anniversary version, there is no getting away from the fact that the current Windows 10 version has not been downloaded not even half as much as Microsoft had expected it to. Around 350 million copies have been downloaded and installed, and so it is not looking as though it will make its one billion target by 2018, and Microsoft now believe that this target was too ambitious.

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  • Anil Kumar Motupalli

    Lol. Did you even own a mac? I own a mac and I upgraded el Capitan on the release day and it’s crappy slow. Microsoft’s strategy is a lot better compared to apple. They know their server capacity so they are releasing in batches based on their capacity. Where as apple opening it to every one to fight for the bandwidth.

  • Dave

    yes don’t miss out on a life time opportunity of grabbing an operating system from Microsoft at no charge, too bad it’s pure shiat

    • Drftr

      Read some reviews. Windows 10 is great. Possibly the greatest computer OS right now.

  • C.P. Garcia

    So much bias in this nonsense of an article. First . Microsoft is updating far more devices then Apple is. No mention of that. And second. The billion mark was by 2018. Not within a year of launch. Idiots.

    • Dave

      lol yeah thanks for the correction, somehow I don’t think people will care about microsoft shiat brand

      • C.P. Garcia

        Just the billion or so people that use it . But sure. Thanks for playing.