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Pokemon Go Mewtwo location mystery after hoax

Right now, every single Pokemon Go player is asking the same question on how to get MewTwo in Pokemon Go. We can tell you that this is an ongoing mystery, which has been intensified in the last 24 hours after what appears to be an elaborate Pokemon Go MewTwo location hoax that has tricked many.

We’ve got the video below, which has been widely circulated on social media showing a user allegedly catching MewTwo in Pokemon Go.

Observers have rightly pointed out that the camera background isn’t moving as he is moving the phone, meaning that an animation is just playing rather than an actual MewTwo appearing in the wild on Pokemon Go.

What you need to know however, is that MewTwo is in Pokemon Go. This has been confirmed by several data-miners who have found reference to MewTwo inside game code – along with Mew and other Kanto legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

That suggests to us that Niantic is locking them away for now, while they remain busy rolling out the game to all regions worldwide.

Only after they have done that, will they host official events allowing users to travel to special locations where they will have a chance of getting MewTwo in Pokemon Go.

What are your thoughts on this – is the video above 100% fake? Leave your comments below if you are waiting for MewTwo to come out in Pokemon Go.



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