Tesla Model X 60D UK price with compromised range

There is a new Tesla Model X option available, and that is the 60D, which is cheaper in price but does compromise on its range.

In terms of the Tesla Model X 60D UK price difference compared to the previous base model, it will be £64,100 compared to £71,900 for the 75D, so a pretty decent saving there then. In terms of the Model X 60D UK delivery, this is not expected to be until early 2017, compared to September for those in the US.

Like we said above, even though this is a decent saving, the Tesla Model X 60D range is not as good as the 75D, as the former has an estimated range of 220 miles compared to 259 miles for the latter.

Tesla Resale Value Guarantee

The big question you have to ask yourself is are you willing to lose around 39 miles of range for a saving of £7,400? We guess your decision will depend on how you use your Model X, and if there are enough Charging Stations along your journey that you take regularly. Other than that, it performs the same as the larger capacity version.

In other Tesla related news; if you were thinking of buying one of these EVs, then you might want to consider the fact that Tesla Motors will no longer guarantee the resale value of your electric car. You have to wonder if scrapping the Resale Value Guarantee is a sign that the company is prepping a more affordable model?



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