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Pokemon Go UK release time excitement

We could now be potentially hours away from the highly anticipated Pokemon Go release time for UK on iOS and Android.

As most of you know, the app has already had unprecedented success following on from launches in Australia, NZ and the US.

Thanks to a tip off from the WSJ, UK and Asia regions should be next up and assuming the WSJ is correct, the Pokemon Go download could hit the App Store during the usual Thursday App Store refresh on July 14.

What time is Pokemon Go out in the UK? That means we’re willing to bet that in a few hours, many of you will be hitting that refresh button on the App Store like no tomorrow.


There’s a chance that Pokemon Go could have a midnight release tonight, as we’ve seen store refreshes happen then with certain app launches.

As we wait for this potential bombshell to happen, leave your thoughts below if you are pumped up for the launch.

Let’s hope Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store can handle the influx of traffic coming in from UK users late on Wednesday and early Thursday morning.

Do you think it will be out with the App Store refresh?

PS: While you wait, don’t forget to read our tip on getting Pikachu early as a starter!



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