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Pokemon GO UK App Store fast download trick for iOS

There are big rumors that Pokemon Go may be released at midnight tonight during the Thursday App Store refresh in the UK.

If this happens, we want you to make sure you are aware of a little trick so you can get the Pokemon GO iOS download at the earliest opportunity.

How to refresh the App Store manually: This is the handy little trick that you can do yourself to make sure the App displays the latest content as soon as Apple has refreshed their Store from their end.


To do it, open up the App Store and tap any of the main buttons 10 times – these buttons being Featured, Top Charts, Explore, Search and Updates.

It sounds strange we know, but it actually works. You know that you have done it correctly as you will sometimes see the Updates tab change instantly.

You can do this trick with regards to the Pokemon Go launch in the UK to get a head start on what otherwise could be a very long download time with everyone rushing to the store at once.

Consider this a little heads-up for you. Be sure to tell all of your friends and family who are waiting to download the game and leave a comment below if it works for you.



Pokemon Go UK release time excitement

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