Marvel Future Fight Red Skull uni changes to Speed class

By Alan Ng - Jul 13, 2016

As we wait for the Marvel Future Fight 2.3 update maintenance to begin, we wanted to give you a quick heads-up on a nice obverstaion that has been found with regards to one of the new uniforms.

It involves Red Skull, who as we told you earlier will be receiving his Secret Wars uniform. The big surprise though is that it looks like buying this uniform will change him from Blast class to Speed.

Netmarble did not inform players about this in the official patch notes, but take a look at the screenshot below, taken from the official Future Fight Taiwan forums.


You can clearly see that Speed is highlighted with the new Red Skull uni, so that will be a very interesting twist for sure.

We’re talking about Red Skull’s viability in Speed Alliance Battle and of course Battleworld when Speed class is required.

We already know that Red Skull’s new 6-star skill will be summoning Hydra troops, so this uniform could now be an essential purchase in helping to complete Speed Alliance Day to gather more gold and biometrics.

What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment below if you are looking forward to the update.

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  • boogeradornado

    Red Skull Secret Wars looks and moves like Taskmaster. So when are we getting a playable Taskmaster?

  • sean

    there needs to be deadpool and another story line added