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BO3 Gorod Krovi Zombies Easter Egg password

Right now, everyone is getting stuck into the Black Ops 3 Gorod Krovi zombies easter egg which has just gone live with the BO3 Descent DLC 3 map pack.

We are willing to bet that all of you want to know what the password is on Gorod Krovi, as this is the part which everyone is finding difficult to complete.

Words like “Aether”, “Aurora” and “Reznov” do not work and you can keep track of the ongoing hunt by watching the BO3 Gorod Krovi zombies live stream below courtesy of NoahJ456.


Has anyone managed to clear this step successfully? Participate in the discussion below and leave a comment if you have managed to get the password on the new zombies map!

Once again, hats off to Treyarch for making another zombies map which keeps players guessing and working together to solve the mysteries.

Stay tuned for more info once we have it.



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