Black Ops 3 Fracture new multiplayer mode

If you have just installed the new Black Ops 1.13 update on PS4 and Xbox One, you are probably wondering how to play thew new Fracture BO3 multiplayer mode that has just been added to the game.

We commend Treyarch for continuing to add fresh content to the game to the core multiplayer experience outside of paid-DLC.

Fracture is going to be available for everyone and here’s the official description as per the patch notes:


From what we can see though, the BO3 fracture playlist isn’t actually live in game yet. We’re guessing it is coming at any minute though, so don’t be surprised if Treyarch turns it on right now.

The mode itself sounds amazing, what do you think about it? Use our discussion section to talk about the best Black Ops 3 Fracture tips and what tactics you will use to win.



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