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macOS Sierra public beta shutting down problems for MacBook Air

Before we start, we would just like to remind people that if you use your Mac device for work, and so as a way to earn your money, then you should refrain from installing any form of beta version of macOS Sierra on to it.

The reason we thought we would repeat what many of you already know is due to the fact that some people have started to experience a few macOS Sierra public beta.

One of the issues is that when running macOS Sierra public beta there seems to be shutting down problems for some MacBook Air users. We have heard from several Product Reviews readers, and it seems to be an issue with not only the 2011 model, but also the 2012 MBA as well.

macOS Sierra features with emphasis on Continuity

Affected users are unable to shut their MacBook Air down after installing the public beta version of macOS Sierra, and as a result are continuously seeing the spinning wheel.

That’s not the only issue, as other readers have been telling us that the webcam is not being picked up, and so are unable to use FaceTime.

However, it’s worth noting that these seem to be isolated issues, because for the most part things seem to be running fine. Some users have actually noticed how much faster their Mac devices run since installing the public beta of macOS Sierra.

Have you had any issues since installing this beta, or are you pleased with what you have seen so far because if so, then please add your findings to the comments section below?



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