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iOS 10 beta 2 problems require account recovery request

After three weeks since it was first announced, the second beta for iOS 10 was released, but all has not gone smoothly and has since led to several users having to request account recovery from Apple.

We always knew there were going to be a few iOS 10 beta 2 problems, as it’s to be expected during this tested period, but to learn that some users are experiencing issues where they are being locked out of their Apple IDs is not something that you expect.

iOS 10 beta 2 problems require account recovery

There have been several reports suggesting that some devs have been locked out of their Apple ID, and so have taken to the Developer Forum in order to get the issue resolved.

It seems that after downloading and installing the 2nd beta of iOS 10 they were unable to sign back in. They then attempted to reset their password, yet they were met with an error that reads, “Your request could not be completed at this time.”

One possible reason could be due to having two-factor authentication turned on, and so this means they can only request an account recovery from Apple. It’s not certain how widespread this issue is, or whether this is isolated to just a small number of developers?



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