Pokemon Go UK release date frustration on iOS, Android

By Alan Ng - Jul 7, 2016

While Pokemon Go has finally been launched officially in the US, we can see that there is a lot of frustration among our readers, with everyone still waiting to find out when Pokemon Go is out in the UK.

NianticLabs the developers have not yet confirmed the Pokemon Go UK release date and they have actually been pretty silent when it comes to announcing availability.

At the very least, fans want to be kept in the loop and we can see that it’s really painful right now for the Pokemon lovers in the UK who just want fair treatment after seeing the game launch in the US, New Zealand and Australia.


Are you one of the many who cannot understand the silence regarding the UK launch of Pokemon Go? Leave your thoughts on this below in our comments section to send a message to NianticLabs that they need to hurry up.

If you are in a different country and Pokemon Go is also missing for you, tell us what country you are waiting to play from.

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  • shea

    Does europe always have to get the pokemon games late pokemon oras was a week later than everywhere else and so is sun and moon now pokemon go is later too

  • I’ve had “Pokemon GO UK” open with the “within the last hour” setting on Google open on a tab all day. It’s gutting how long we’re having to wait, just like with other games too.

    • Same here, man, lol, exactly the same.

    • Callum fisher

      make an American Apple ID it works my friends done it

    • Callum fisher

      make an American Apple ID it works my friends done it ,