Marvel Future Fight 2.3 character hints lead to Sin

By Alan Ng - Jul 7, 2016

As you already know, Sharon Rogers is coming to Marvel Future Fight in the next 2.3 patch. However, another mystery female character is coming too with Netmarble currently giving out hints on who it could be.

The third clue has now been revealed and we think we have a good idea that the direction all points towards this character being Sin, otherwise known as the Red Skull’s daughter.

This is due to the fact that the first clue revealed is “O / H”, which could be referring to “Opposite / Hypotenuse”. If true, this is the formula for Sin and it could be a clear sign that Sin is on the way.


Remember that the first two clues are “Female” and “Villain”, so this falls into place nicely. Also bear in mind that the update is for Captain America’s 75th Anniversary celebration and that Red Skull is a main part of the update, along with Crossbones Tier 2 so it does seem logical.

We could be wrong on this, but either way we thought you would appreciate the heads-up. Leave your comments below as we wait for the update – would you be happy seeing Sin in the game?

On a downside, would this mean yet another Combat character?

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  • Silvio Lima

    Cara que saco, ficam colocando um monte de personagem inútil: filha do fulano, irmã de ciclano, sobrinha do beltrano… E a Feiticeira escarlate? E o Wolverine, ou qualquer um dos mutantes? E a Elektra, não vem nada pra ela NUNCA?