FIFA 17 vote for free Gold pack on FUT 16

We have a quick heads-up for FIFA fans now, following on from our earlier article regarding the FIFA 17 cover vote which EA has now started. This year it is worth taking part as you have the opportunity to win a free FIFA 16 gold pack worth 5,000 coins.

To get it, you just have to keep voting for the star that you want to be selected, between a choice of Martial, Hazard, Reus or Rodriguez.

The first process involves voting on EA’s website here, but the second process involving sharing your vote on Twitter. You can obtain multiple votes with multiple shares per day, with EA needing 20 votes before you’ll get your free Gold pack on FUT 16.


It’s a shame that it is not a Premium Gold pack or a free draft token, as that would be more appreciated by the community. Still, it’s a free pack so if you feel like sharing your vote with the world follow the link above for further instructions.

Which player are you going to vote for? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll keep you informed of any other free giveaways as they happen.



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