BT Email down with status update on July 7

We have a word of warning now to our readers who are BT email customers across the UK and are currently experiencing BT Email down on July 7, 2016 which many customers have complained that they can’t send any BT emails today.

Firstly, BT has now officially acknowledged this problem both on the BT service status checker website and also on Twitter where the company has been trying to calm customers down.

Take a look at the Tweet which confirms that BT email is not working today across many clients such as Outlook, Mac Mail, Gmail and so on.


Unfortunately, there’s no indication on when BT email will be back up today, but hopefully it will be restored within minutes rather than hours.

We’ve already had complaints sent to us that their BT email hasn’t been working all day, so that in itself tells us that it’s a fairly serious problem across the UK today.

Leave a comment below with your own status and tell us which areas are affected. We’ll update this article when we have a new update to share.



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