GTA 5 Dewbauchee Seven-70 speed test after new update

There has been a new GTA 5 Online update today, on July 5 as a very nice surprise to players. It’s part of the recently released Finance and Felony DLC and the main addition is the arrival of the GTA 5 Dewbauchee Seven-70 super car, which you can buy pick up from Legendary Motorsports.

The Dewbauchee Seven-70 is one of the nicest cars you can buy in terms of design, especially when switching to interior view.

The bad news however, is that the Dewbauchee Seven-70 price in GTA Online is $695,000 so it is definitely on the premium side of things.


We have included a nice video below showing some Debauchee Seven-70 speed tests and also customization as well if you want to see the types of custom designs you can opt for if you have the extra cash floating around.

Is it faster than the Grotto X80 Proto or the Massacro? You can find all sorts of other speed tests here on YouTube with the results all filtered for your convenience.


If you have just bought this car today, give us your thoughts below and tell us if you think it is worth buying or not.



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