FIFA 16 FUT, Web App servers down on July 5

We have a quick heads-up for all FIFA 16 players now, who may be wondering why the FIFA 16 servers are down right now on July 5, 2016. EA has confirmed a small maintenance period, which also affects the FIFA 16 FUT Web App being down as well.

EA hasn’t given a reason for the maintenance, but players are already speculating that it has something to do with the FIFA 16 ‘Chem glitch’ which we told you about recently.


Above is the FIFA 16 maintenance notice from EA, confirming that servers are down from 7am UK time to 10am on July 5. Hopefully there will not be any further issues with getting back into the game as we know many of you are definitely looking to access the transfer market on the Web App as soon as possible.

Is FIFA 16 down for you in your area at the moment? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on this surprise maintenance.



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