Fourth of July 2016 Google Doodle depicting sports games

Today is the Fourth of July, 2016 and so is American ‪‪Independence Day. There will be a huge number of events going on today, but don’t exepct too much going on from Google, as today’s Google Doodle is one of disappointment.

The 4th of July 2016 Google Doodle celebrates the 240th anniversary of America’s independence, and the best way that the search engine thought they would celebrate this glorious event is by depicting the flag’s stars with sports games that are synonymous with the country.

If you look closely at the stars you will see that they are getting involved with games such as baseball, basketball, marching bands, surfing and so much more. Ok, so we know it is a bit of fun to see just what each of the 50 stars are up to, but it’s still rather boring.

Fourth of July 2016 Google Doodle

Where is the Fourth of July 2016 Google Doodle interactive game? We have seen Google come up with some pretty cool games for their doodles in the past, such as the Stanislaw Lem Google Doodle and Pacman.

We would just like to say Happy birthday, USA!

Also, what Fourth of July event or events are you going to today?



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