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iOS 10 beta 2 released today, or so we assume

Ok, so we know that we assumed last week that iOS 10 beta 2 would be released either last Monday or Tuesday, as the second beta is usually two weeks after the first was announced and released. However, we did say that Apple often does things a little different, and that is just what they have done this year.

We do find it funny when we hear people stating that iOS 10 beta 2 has been delayed, seeing as though Apple never gives us a release date for their next beta, it just appears.

Future iOS 10 beta tweaks

So when are we likely to see its release? Even though it is tough to pinpoint an exact date, surely Apple will not keep us waiting make longer, especially as there are already a few issues with the current beta version. Not that developers can moan about those problems seeing as though this is all part of the process of ironing out those issues before its public release in September – or so we assume.

If we were to hazard any sort of guess now, then we would presume iOS 10 beta 2 would be released today, as that would make it three weeks since the first beta was made available for download. If it is not released on Monday, July 4, then it has to happen on July 5, 2016 surely?

Maybe, Apple will wait until the Tuesday, seeing as though tomorrow is Independence Day of the United States?



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