Expected Android Nougat supported devices list

By Peter Chubb - Jul 2, 2016

We have been waiting for what seems like an age to learn the official name of Android N, and HTC has confimerd that it is to be called Nougat. So there are now two other big questions waiting to be answered, and those are the release date, and even more importantly, the list of Android Nougat supported devices.

HTC Android Nougat support – The good news is, we already know that the HTC 10, One M9 and the HTC One A9 are to be supported with the next version of Android. However, they are the only company to detail support at this time.

Expected Android Nougat supported devices

Having said that, it’s more than likely that many of the flagship LG and Samsung handsets that have been released this year will also come with Android Nougat support. It’s a safe bet to say that the LG G5 along with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will offer Android Nougat support, as will the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 due for release next month.

Other Android handsets from the likes of Sony, Motorola, OnePlus, Honor, Xiaomi and Huawei are also likely to get the next version of Android, although that will be later down the line compared to those handsets mentioned above.

Who knows though, maybe these other handset makers finally realize that they need to offer their customers the latest Android support, and so things could finally start to change this year with Android Nougat?

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  • kmdavisjr

    I am so glad I have a Moto Nexus 6 and Chrome Pixel c. I will never purchase a non Nexus device ever again. I have been using N on both devices since the open Beta. I don’t rely on Verizon for anything but a cell tower. Pure Google is so much better than carrier bloat and waiting forever to get an update. In the end it is better to fork out 600 and get a phone that you control than to purchase something on a contract

    • BeerOnTap

      So many people go for Samsung phones because they fall in love with the hardware, or the latest gimmick they put in TouchJizz. These are the same people you’ll see about five months later complaining that they aren’t getting the latest version of Android, and their heavily bloated, skinned device has grown sluggish.
      Manufacturer skins are toxic to Android, and only hold back it’s potential.
      Manufacturers need to make the hardware, and let Google make the software. And if you want to add an app or feature (really a gimmick in most cases) do so by making it an optional app, not an element baked into the framework that’s forced down the user’s throat.

      • watcheronthewall

        Gee, I got Marshmallow on my Samsung Note 4 LONG before most phones got it…

        • BeerOnTap

          And that phone likely won’t see Nougat.
          And it also doesn’t receive the monthly security updates Google pushes out.
          All so Samsung can push their own crappy skin.
          And Samsung isn’t the only guilty manufacturer here. LG and HTC do it too.

        • watcheronthewall

          Interesting, I get security updates every month or so…

      • Harley

        I have to admit while I’m strongly in love with nexus devices and their software, I am also in love with the harware that’s in the S7/Edge and the upcoming Note 7. If only we could get both

      • kmdavisjr

        True. I had a Galaxy Note 2 before I picked up my Nexus 6 in December 2014 from Moto. Best move ever. I have lived on both sides of the debate and the pure Google experience is so, so much better. I will keep this phone for at least another 2 years before buying the latest Nexus.

        • BeerOnTap

          And that’s just it, Nexus devices stay relevant for so much longer.
          Having new/latest software far outweighs hardware.

        • kmdavisjr

          Very, very true.

    • Richard Servello

      6p and pixel c here. Would also never go non Google.

      • Joshua Baldassarre

        In all honesty, Oneplus is a good alternative from what we’ve seen so far with the 3 (not 2 or X, software support on those isn’t too great), updates won’t be as early or fast on the 3 but it has so many useful and customisable features that stock doesn’t have. But I must say it is super tempting to get a Nexus

  • Billy Simms

    I had lollipop on my Moto X pure right as the new Nexus phones were coming out? How do you think LG will get it before the Motorola does?

    • Harley

      Lenovo, Motorola’s now parent company, doesn’t have a good track record with updates. Also things were a bit iffy with Motorola and Marshmallow. However if everything goes well Motorola should really be one of the firsts to see an update because their software is so close to stock. I’mnot saying they’ll have updates slow, but I’m not saying it’ll be fast either. With Motorola this year we’re just not sure