FIFA 16 Mystery Pack opening excitement

By Alan Ng - Jun 29, 2016

FIFA 16 players are all asking the same question right now: What do you get in the FIFA 16 Mystery Pack on Ultimate Team? EA has just dropped this surprise on players as a reward for winning the new Icelandic Cup.

As a result, we’ll be the first to let you know what the reward is inside a mystery pack on FUT 16. Right now, nobody knows as players are frantically trying to find 18 Iceland players and the transfer market has just gone crazy with sellers raising prices to crazy amounts.


Just search for Swansea’s Sigurdsson if you don’t believe us – good job trying to find a bargain on him. Once we get the first FIFA 16 Mystery Pack opening on YouTube we will add it in below so keep checking back at this page.

We predict that it will happen within the next couple of hours. If you have opened the Mystery Pack, tell us what you got in the comments – full of players, or just consumables?

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