BO3 Gorod Krovi Zombies DLC trailer breakdown

We are now happy to confirm that Gorod Krovi is going to be the name of the next Black Ops 3 zombies map, which will come included with the BO3 Descent DLC 3 content.

We now have the BO3 Gorod Krovi DLC zombies breakdown trailer analysis to give you, letting you see exactly some of the surprises that Treyarch has in store for players this time compared to Zetsubou No Shima.

To wet your appetite, the new DLC 3 zombies map is going to have dragons inside and it looks like you will be able to even ride it as well which sounds insane – you can see this at the very end of the trailer.


There’s also new Gobblegum, new weapons and also the return of the PPSH which is a big deal to old school players. Watch the detailed video below for the perfect preview and then let us know in the comments section how excited you are about the trailer and upcoming release date.

Gorad Krovi is coming out first on PS4 and the release date is July 12!



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