FIFA 16 FUT PS4 servers down again on June 28

It looks like EA is having problems once again with FIFA 16 servers down right now, on June 28 with matchmaking problems. Some of you may be having issues where you can’t get into a game of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team on PS4, so now we bring you the latest status on this.

EA hasn’t Tweeted anything yet to confirm that there’s a problem, but we can tell you that if you try to log into EA servers now, you’ll get the ‘EA servers are not available at this time’ message for Ultimate Team.


Matchmaking seems to be the main reason why FUT 16 isn’t working at the moment, which is interesting as EA has only just finished fixed a similar matchmaking problem for FIFA 16 on Xbox One.

Are you having problems with FIFA 16 today? Check the latest status updates as they come in and leave a comment below if you can’t play.



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