Facebook charging hoax still tricking users in 2016

By Alan Ng - Jun 28, 2016

We continue to see Facebook flooded with status updates from users who are worried that Facebook will start charging users to keep their messages and statuses private.

Such a ridiculous demand has been outdone by users who are silly enough to fall for this latest hoax and to set the record straight, we want to say that no, Facebook will not charge you to use its services.

You have probably grown tired of seeing status messages on Facebook such as the one below, showing a Facebook ‘icon’ that will magically turn blue – allowing you to keep using Facebook for free.

“It’s official Signed at 10:33. It’s even passed on TV. Facebook will start charging this summer. If you copy this to your wall your icon will turn blue and your Facebook will be free for you. Please pass this message, if not your icon will be deleted.
P.S. this is serious, the icon will turn blue
(Copy and Paste to your wall)”

Amusingly, those who do not ‘copy and paste’ the message will have to pay to use Facebook which obviously is a complete fabrication.


It goes without saying that you should completely ignore all of these statuses if you see them on your wall, there’s no truth to them whatsoever.

More importantly though, if a hidden link is included with the block of text never click it as it could lead to malware being installed on your device opening you up to serious security risks.

Are you getting annoyed with these messages appearing on your wall? Are you a little embarrassed that your friends keep falling for petty tricks like these?

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  • Jessica Izzard

    I spent day yesterday and most if today telling my Facebook friends that this is a hoax! Usually highly intelligent people – how can they be so gullible?????!

  • NgTurbo

    How can Facebook seriously start charging users and more importantly, how can users fall for this so easily? Discuss..