The Division 1.3 update release time for Xbox One, PC

By Alan Ng - Jun 27, 2016

We have a quick heads-up for you on what time The Division 1.3 update is out on Xbox One and PC for UK, Pacific and Eastern timezones. Remember that PS4 users will have to wait an extra week to get their hands on the same update, unfortunately.

For Xbox One and PC players though, the update arrives on schedule. You can remind yourself of the full The Division 1.3 patch notes here if you need a list of changes, these recently supplied by Ubisoft ahead of the patch going live which should be appreciated.

As for the release times, Ubisoft always stick to the same pattern as many of you should now be noticing. As a result, we can confirm that The Division server maintenance for June 28 will start at 12am Pacific Time, 3am Eastern Time and 8am in the UK.


That means servers will be down for 3 hours and you can start looking for the update after maintenance has finished at the times above.

It’s disappointing that PS4 users won’t be able to enjoy the update at the same time, but at least Xbox One and PC owners don’t get to suffer the same fate.

Are you ready for The Division 1.3 Underground DLC update? Leave your comments below on what you are looking forward to the most!

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  • gavin mcnabb

    I am looking forward to something finally going smoothly in this game that I was initially so hyped about. I promise I am not a negative person but naturally after dealing with delays from DAY 1 (and that is no exaggeration) concerning the first day level 4 content, clothing items, pre-order items, weapons, etc and having it not show up at the vendor until I was at level 11….well it just hasn’t stopped for PS4 users I am afraid to say. Whether is was losing all my progress in one bug or losing a backpack with all my items and the time spent can not be made up from those gaming hours. I was initially given 100 Phoenix and then 500 Phoenix after having to write into the ubi support team 5 times explaining the situation. I like the Clancy games though and will continue to play them……just dont understand as to WHY is PS4 behind xbox and pc on the Underground? What is the reasoning or is it just due to so many other fixes from the getgo that it never caught up with itself? And, lastly…..if ubi ran into similiar if not identical issues with xbox and pc updates, why would they just pass them on to the PS4 users inside the update? why not fix them before hand if they already knew it happend on 2 other consoles? craziness, right? Hopefully the Ghost Recon Wildlands is well thought out and they have had plenty of time to think ahead b/c I am def looking forward to that game too. peace>