New Liverpool star Sadio Mane’s FIFA 17 rating

FIFA 17 player ratings are on everyone’s minds at the moment now, so we wanted to talk about new Liverpool signing Sadio Mane who looks set to be Jurgen Klopp’s first major new transfer signing.

Mane is also a player who is already one of the best cheap Premiership players to buy on FIFA 16. He shipped with an 78 rating and a CF position card, but has since been moved over to RM and has earned two in-form cards up to an 81 rating.

As you can see from the image below, this has been reflected in his FIFA 17 rating of 81, as EA are certain to upgrade his card and position before the new game launches in September.


The only question is whether 81 is too high and if he will only get upgraded to an 80 – but either way he will still have that pace so it’s a nice card to buy once FIFA 17 Ultimate Team is live.

What are your thoughts on Sadio Mane’s rating in FIFA 17 at his new club Liverpool FC – is an 81 fair or not?



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