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Live Sterling, Pound exchange rate today to Euro with app

Well, the big question on most people’s mind in the UK today is, “how much is the pound worth?”, and that is a pretty good question. We know that stock markets were very volatile the moment it was aware that the United Kingdom was going to leave the European Union, and will remain that way for a while yet. There has also been an increase in the number of people wondering what the Sterling to Euro exchange rate today is, and it is very hard to give you a precise answer, as that figure is changing all the time.

However, we can tell you that the fund is currently at its lowest level for 30 years against the dollar. Like we said, we very much doubt that it will stay this low in the long-term, but it’s to be expected for a little while at this moment because of the uncertainty that Great Britain now faces.

Live Sterling, Pound exchange to dollar

If you are one of those worried because of your business depends on it, or if you are due to travel to another country soon, then it is important for you to have the latest exchange rates, so that you know just how much you will get for your pound when it comes to exchanging your money.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by downloading the XE Currency app for Android and iOS devices. With this app you get live proprietary currency rates, along with charts and even stores the most recent updated rates so you can compare how they have been doing.

There are so many different currencies that you can compare the Pound to, such as Pound rate in Pakistan, Pound to SEK and also NZ and Australian Dollar to pound, and many more.



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