Steam Summer Sale 2016 start time for US, UK

We have a last minute reminder for those that still need to find out what time the Steam Summer Sale starts today. We can tell you that we have just hours to go, until you’ll find a vast collection of games available on Steam with massive discounts.

This is the one sale that PC gamers save their money for each year, with Valve mixing in indie games with some AAA blockbusters as well to keep everyone happy.

As for the time, prepare your wallet at 9.45am Pacific Time, or 12.45PM Eastern Time on Thursday June 23. For those in UK looking to join in on the fun that means 5.45PM BST so make sure you are ready.


Once we reach the times above, you should be able to head to the Steam store and see the first day of games available – new games will be added each day with even bigger discounts.

What time does the Steam Summer sale end? Assuming the leaked details are correct, then you’ll be able to keep spending until July 4 at 10am Pacific Time – or 6PM UK time.

What games do you want to see on this year’s sale? Leave a comment below and also let us know how much you intend to spend.



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