Sony deletes game data due to ‘offensive’ PSN name

By Alan Ng - Jun 23, 2016

A word of warning to those of you who may have a humorous PSN username, but one that could also be reported for being mildly offensive. We’ve just learned the story about one user who has had their PSN username reported and with it, the complete wipe of their game save data, trophies and friends lists.

The user name in question is ‘Booty-Toucher’ and although the user has said the name was created in jest obviously Sony doesn’t see the funny side – nor does the culprit who reported in a fit of rage during an online session.

You can read about the thread on Reddit, but the dangerous message to share here is that if you have a username that is deemed offensive you can lose all of your game data with it.

Take that in for a second, your entire adventure on Fallout 4, all of your FIFA Ultimate Team progress, GTA 5 data and so on gone just because Sony doesn’t have an alternative way to change usernames without wiping data.


Is this a practise that Sony needs to change, fast? How many of you were aware of game data being wiped if your PSN username needs to be forcefully changed?

Imagine if Mr Booty-Toucher created his PSN in inspiration of Ratchet and Clank’s wonderfully innuendo-packed game ‘Quest for Booty’?

Sony does not allow users to manually change their PSN usernames yet, but it seems as if they will do it when this situation happens.

Do you have a username that is borderline offensive? Get in touch with us below if Sony has also wiped your game save data or if you have had a lucky escape.

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  • Sarcastic Texan

    Before you know it, they’ll be deleting if I had “TrumpForPresident” for a name.

  • QueefTheHerp

    That happened to me and my game data was saved. My friends and throphies were gone. Also, people that did message me before the name swap cannot message me on PSN now. I get a notification and if I click it, I get an error and the message is gone.

  • atomicjuicer

    Saves belong to the user. It should be illegal for Sony to erase that without providing the option for a backup.

    This kind of crap dissuades me from buying digital instead of physical.

    Consumer rights for data should be protected.