PS4 Neo news update from Sony on delay

By Alan Ng - Jun 23, 2016

If you are looking for more PS4 Neo news after Sony decided not to reveal the new console at E3 despite the unveiling of Project Scorpio and Xbox One S by Microsoft, you’ll be pleased that Sony has given an update on the situation.

The Sony are now officially acknowledging that ‘Neo’ is definitely happening as the official name, but Shuhei Yoshida has said that when it does arrive, it won’t be replacing the PS4 and that it will still be part of the main PS4 life-cycle – also specifically calling it the ‘high-end PS4’.

Yoshida mentioned about the Neo in an interview with, but in a separate interview with MCVUK Sony’s Europe boss Jim Ryan has said that the company will be focusing on the games until the hardware is ready to show off.


With Microsoft already going public on their next plans for the Xbox and with Sony delaying their announcement, are you still willing to hold on?

Nobody knows when a PS4 Slim console will be coming and it looks like we may have to wait longer to see the PS4 Neo on the shelves.

Have your say below on the PS4 and Xbox One lifecycle and if you are now ready to upgrade to Ultra HD-ready consoles.

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  • Dave

    I’m sure the PS4 Neo was just a rumor started by Sony to get Microsoft to waste money on their new xbox one slim with bluray royalties, As always we get another product from Microsoft with no use for video gamers, before it was the HDMI/TV functionality now we get HD 4k playback that no gamer will care

    • Shawn Robeck

      Dave, the Xbox One already has a blu-Ray player in it. Also MIcrosoft is a part of the ownership group that owns blu-Ray. At least do some very basic fact checking before making these odd conspiracy theories.

      • Dave

        you know I’m amazed how many people try to defend xbox / microsoft brand on the internet, I’m sure your part of the payroll so yeah…

        • Shawn Robeck

          Dave, very immature defense when someone disagrees, that the best thing you can say is, you must be on thier payroll. Your actually unoriginal and flat out wrong. But under your own logic, you must be on Sony’s payroll.