PS4 3.55 update change list is a mystery

By Alan Ng - Jun 21, 2016

We have confirmation that a new PS4 update 3.55 is available to download on June 21, 2016. As far as we’re aware, gamers were not warned about this update prior to install and unsurprinsgly everyone is racing to find out what has changed in the PS4 system software 3.55 firmware.

We can bring you a heads-up on this, although once again don’t be expecting wholesale changes. The PS4 firmware update 3.55 should be around 300.7MB in size, so it should only take minutes to download and install.

According to the official PS4 3.55 update notes as they appear on console, Sony has added the following changes:

“This system software update improves the quality of the system performance”


Nothing else is mentioned and once again, Sony never go into details on what they have altered exactly. Hopefully this update is putting the groundwork in for some actual feature-rich updates in future, but for now 3.55 remains a mystery.

Have you just installed this on your console today? Leave a comment if you notice any PS4 3.55 hidden changes and we’ll update this if we get more details for you.

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  • Jeff Young

    Ruined my video after install having hdmi handshake issues that I can’t resolve.

  • Sati

    for me after i did the update games started loading texture in game slower like in witcher 3 i noticed some graphics load while i move around that never happened to me before and it happens in dark souls 3 too like a texture of a rock is different when i move away from it and when i get close it changes diam that reminds me when i used to game on my notebook o.o never had that issue before the update i even considered downgrading back to 3.50 but seems i cant do that :/ ah and another thing i cant seem to log on psn since the update till today Q.Q

  • Christian

    Ok so i just found out this for version 3.55 I’ve been having some issues with just cause 3 where it lags as hell after updating to 3.55 i encounter almost 0 lag at all and i mean this ia great because this game was alost unplayable for the fact of the lagging also the transition from home menu to game is much smoother and games load 1.5 seconds faster to 5 seconds faster so i mean its a good thing they up the cpu or gpu power allitle bit.

    • Dave

      hum… cpu / gpu frequency changes that would explain the visual artifacts in Destiny, good thing they went away, got scary for a bit, brought back memory of GPU white dots artifacts on my xbox, good thing microsoft forked the bill for 7 xbox exchanges, free games and controllers for that tiny gpu heatsink !

  • bnm1ETA .

    Update 3.55 patches the bd live hack that was on 3.50.

  • Dave

    I did this update recently and resulted in white bar lines on the left / right after a few hours of playing destiny, they showed up in desinty then the PS4 dash, I had to powercycle the ps4 for the first time, I usually leave it on or powersave

    Also with the last two updates I noticed the fan getting really loud when I switch to Message / Friends on the dashboard, then goes away after a few minutes or if I switch to my game it goes away

  • nomi

    plzzz help meee my ps4 is stuck

  • nomi

    after update complete the ps4 will restart … but after that its update again the same file… its done almost 10 time … and its not work

  • nomi

    i can update the software 3.55 its size 300.7MB … but after update complete it start again . i dont know why

  • joose

    Could have something to do with fallout 4 mods not working correctly on ps4, which i think is in, or about to be in beta, which bethesda said they were currently working with sony to resolve issues with future update