FIFA 17 FUT Draft feature list on PS4, Xbox One

We have been keeping you informed with FIFA 17 news when we get it, but now we want you to participate in the upcoming discussion on most needed FIFA 17 FUT Draft features for PS4 and Xbox One.

It’s clear that the FUT Draft in FIFA 16 was one of the most popular new modes for players to enjoy, but at the same time it wasn’t without problems either.

Almost 90% of the time with Drafts played online, it would just end up being a match between two sides full of Ronaldo, Messi and all other players made entirely up of BBVA teams.


It was too common and hopefully EA are planning to change this trend with the FIFA 17 FUT Draft in September. Other requests that players have are to increase the pack rewards for playing the Draft in single player mode.

If you win, you usually get a Jumbo Premium Gold pack and a Premium Gold pack, but would you like EA to increase the odds of getting say a Premium Gold Players pack and Rare Gold pack? It would certainly make the offline draft more appealing if they did.

Perhaps all you want to see is EA regularly giving out more free Draft Tokens for FIFA 17 than we have seen with FIFA 16. Share your ideas below and we’ll keep you updated on when we get the first official news on what changes will be made to draft mode.



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