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2016 MacBook Pro with detachable touchscreen rumors incorrect

We have to say, we do love a good rumor, but from time to time there are ones that just go against everything that we know, and that is the new 2016 MacBook Pro with detachable touchscreen. This rumor does come up from time-to-time, as does rumors of a return of the 17-inch model.

The thing is, we know that there is talk of a touchscreen of sorts, but only touch OLED buttons that run across the top of the keyboard, which we have already discussed. We do find it strange how some people can get the two confused, because while the rumors of a full-on touchscreen MacBook Pro are incorrect, the idea of that touch bar is far more likely.

Reasons that the rumors are incorrect – Well, firstly there is the fact that developers would have reported by now if there was any sort of support for a detachable touchscreen in macOS Sierra. Another reason is the fact that Apple would not have released an iPad Pro with a Smart Keyboard if they had any plans to offer their MacBook Pro with a touchscreen or more so a detachable one.

MacBook Pro upgrade release

Some of you will wonder just why we would want to be talking about such a topic when most Mac users know that this is never going to happen, but you really will be surprised at just how many people have started to believe this rumor.

However, we should give those people the benefit of the doubt because they are more than likely getting confused over recent rumors of that OLED touch bar.

Would you welcome a MacBook Pro with detachable touchscreen, or would it be pointless seeing as though there is the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with that Smart keyboard?



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