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Future iOS 10 beta tweaks

We already know some of the main features coming to iOS 10, which we have already seen thanks to Apple, and a few developers sharing some of these with us. However, there are going to be some further iOS 10 beta tweaks and improvements – so watch this space.

We already know that the Messages app has been revamped, as has the Lock Screen, along with the Siri SDK now being made available to developers, so that we can start to see third-party apps taking advantage of the intelligent personal assistant. OH, we forget to even mention the improvements made to the Photos app.

Future iOS 10 beta tweaks

While we are going through these beta tests from now until September, we will see Apple introduce some much-needed refinements in order to help tweak the interface, and also iron out those early bugs, which we have detailed here.

It’s no secret that iOS 10 still has some work to do in order to become streamlined enough for it to truly become an improvement over iOS 9, but already the signs look great.

We do find it funny how Apple told us that we are able to delete the stock apps, yet they are not deleted at all, they are just removed from the home screen only.



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