New Final Fantasy 7 Remake 2016 trailer demand

If there was one E3 2016 trailer that gamers wanted to see, but didn’t it was definitely a new Final Fantasy 7 Remake gameplay trailer.

It was E3 2015 when we first saw this amazing game announced, but sadly Square-Enix didn’t bring any surprise new footage to show to the world this time around.

We can see on social media that many of you are disappointed that there was no new Final Fantasy 7 Remake gameplay yet, so hopefully Square-Enix will be preparing a new trailer for the other big events lined up this year.


These include Gamescom and the Tokyo Game Show so there’s plenty of hope yet for fans to see new footage. We’ve included the original gameplay trailers once again just to relive those memories of a classic from last year.

Leave a comment below if you agree that you were also expecting to see a new trailer. What aspect of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake do you want to see shown off next?

We look forward to reading your replies.



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