New Smart Fortwo recall over service flap

The UK arm of Mercedes have issued a recall for their 2014 and 2015 Smart Fortwo vehicle because of an issue with the service flap, which runs the risk of working its way loose and could come flying off.

Affected Smart Fortwo model dates – The models affected were built from 1/04/2014 to 31/10/2015, and have the vehicle ID from WME4533422K009990 to WME4533442K059456. If you do have an affected vehicle, or are worried, then you will need to contact your local Smart dealer.

In all, Mercedes are recalling 1726 units because there is a possibility that the service/maintenance flap could become loose because it has not been tightened to the right specification.

Smart Fortwo Proxy review 1

Car Recalls UK reports that if this was left unchecked there is a chance that a strong gust of wind or driving at high speed could cause the flap – which is basically the bonnet – to become unattached from the vehicle.

If this were to happen, this would cause a serious risk of injury because it could hit a pedestrian, or cause a crash if it were to hit your windscreen or land on another car.

Mercedes say that you will need to bring the vehicle in so that new fixings can be attached and correctly tightened.



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