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iOS 10 beta 2 release date predicted

There is already people discussing when we are likely to see the second iOS 10 beta, and so we thought we would have am little look in to that.

We have already looked at the current issues with beta 1, even though people should not moan about it because this is what the beta program is all about, and if they do not like such issues, then they should not take part in the beta program.

iOS 10 beta 1 release date

Predicting the iOS 10 beta 2 release date – The best way to do this is to go by past events, or more so the first could of betas for iOS 9. We know that its beta 1 was released to developers on June 8, with the second following on June 23. That’s roughly a gap of two weeks, give or take a day.

With this in mind, then we suspect the date for iOS 10 beta 2 to be released should either be 27th or 28th of June.

In terms of what needs to be resolved with iOS 10 beta 1, we know that there battery life issues. However, if there are more issues we will discuss them in this article.



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