Latest Garmin Fenix 3 software update changes

Garmin has seen fit to update the software for three of its watches, and those are the Fenix 3, Tactix Bravo and the Quatix 3 to version 7.20, and with it comes a decent amount of changes.

So what’s new in software version 7.20 for these three devices? The first difference from version 7.00 is the added support of accessing other data screens while in a swim workout rest interval. This certainly makes life a little easier. The Auto lock behavior has been improved so that it no longer locks while in use.

The reliability of the foot pod calibration has also seen an improvement, as have the label and background consistency for all widgets and ETA and ETE estimates while navigating a course.

Garmin Quatix 3 software update

In terms of Garmin Fenix 3, Tactix Bravo and the Quatix 3 fixes with software version 7.20, the big issue to do with where a project Waypoint was not using the system setting for bearing units has now been fixed. That’s not all, as the distance data fields for SUP will now use the correct precision and units.

Other fixes are VO2 Max and Lactate Threshold estimates, high battery drain in watch mode, certain multisport profiles will now be available in the app list when navigating a course, a potential display issue with one of the analog watch face and finally, a possible issue where you may not be given a last length warning alert while swimming has also bee resolved.

The full list of changes can also be found on the Garmin website.



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