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Currys TV Vs Argos Television sale event

When it comes to buying new TVs in the UK, two of the most popular retailers are Argos and Currys. Each always seem to have a sale on at one stage or another for these consumer electronic devices, and there is yet another running right now.

More often than not these retailers have sales running at the same time, and this is also the case for June. So how does the Currys TV sale compare against the Argos Television sale event for June 2016?

One of the reasons that both these retailers chose June to be the ideal time to launch a TV sale event has to be because of Euro 2016. Saying that, we suspect that August will be another perfect time because this is the month if the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Argos TV deals for June

Looking at Currys first we can see that there are 14 TVs with up to £300 of the usual price. The models are from JVC, LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Seiki. What does make is laugh how we are told there are savings of up to £300, yet the best deal we can see is for £200 off. Although you can also save a further £100 if you purchase a Sonos player – which to us is a bit of a catch.

Argos has a bigger TV sale in terms of numbers, rather than discount. Savings that can be made are up to £150 off TVs, although there are 34 models in the current sale. Some of them also have special offers attached to them, such as discounted breakdown cover, reduced pricing on sounders and much more.



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