Xbox One Slim specs with 4K video, not 4K games

By Alan Ng - Jun 13, 2016

We’re sure most of you have already seen the massive leak, but if you haven’t let us remind you – the Xbox One Slim is real and it could be coming to market as the Xbox One ‘S’.

We have been hearing about this new Xbox One console all year thanks to rumors and now we have the first pictures to share, apparently leaked by Microsoft themselves on the Xbox website.

The pictures were captured by Neogaf and this is what the Xbox One S will look like. It seems that we are going to be getting a white and black console which is 40% smaller than the current model.

It also has a 2TB hard drive for games and 4K support for video, but not games. We are seeing some confusion on social media with gamers thinking that the 4K implies that games will be boosted up to 4K resolution.


However, based on the accompanying information beside these pictures – the 4K will be for video only, so in other words you’ll be able to enjoy things like YouTube and Netflix in 4K – live sporting events as well.

You’ll also need to know that there’s no external power brick as well – fantastic news. The power brick will be internal and it should add to the overall slickness of the console.

There’s no details on price yet, but Microsoft’s E3 2016 press conference is coming up very soon so expect a full reveal then.

On first impressions though, do you love the design? Is 4K video, not games a disappointment for you or not?

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  • Dave

    I’d bet ya It wasn’t hard for Microsoft to pull this off considering they went with a huge ass case for the first xbox one with full of wasted empty space !

  • Admir Karalic

    Just saw the announcement couple of minutes ago, the XBOX ONE S will be 300$ at release BUT… with a 500GB HDD… not bad. But considering these prices are for the US only, in Canada the console might most likely come out at 349.99 $ (fingers crossed)

  • Admir Karalic

    If they fix the horrendous Donwload/Install issue the current console is plagued with, then it’s a Win/Win situation and especially if it’s released at current price point or Cheaper. If it’s more expensive, then it is not worth the Smaller Size and Power Brick being internal, as for the 2TB of storage, is a welcoming feature, but I would rather like to be able to remove the HDD easily and replace it with what ever I like (just like the PS4). Let’s hope that everything they’ve done so far and everything that had happened since the release of the original XBone will be solved and will be a good lesson for them to fix it, this could be the turning point for the XBone or the Downfall, either way can’t wait to hear more about it.

  • Dave

    I’m going to be quick to judge that this will be total garbage, current xbox one has trash 1080p, not sharp not vibrant and full of blocks on the decoding, I stopped using mine for any video playback