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Euro 2016 sweepstake generator, fixtures and results app

While we do not like to talk about betting or gambling in anyway, this app is very different because it is more of a fun game that you can have with friends. The app in question is called Euro 2016 by Dugout FC fantasy football, and is pretty much a sweepstake and predictor.

This Euro 2016 sweepstake generator is more than just that, as it also offers details on all the fixtures, and also up-to-minute Euro 2016 results.

In order to play the game you just have to make your guess on the Euro 2016 fixtures section for each round, and then compete in the global leaderboard with an aim to make it to that top spot.

Euro 2016 results

Within the app you will be allowed to create and manage your very own sweepstake, with a maximum of 24 people. You can even join one of your friends sweepstakes by using their game code – although you might feel better creating you own and being in control.

This app was already released way before tonights Euro 2016 opening game, but this latest version brings with it a fix for ordering of fixtures and results. Not only that, but there has also been an update to the UI for results. In terms of features, you can now chat with your sweepstake friends. For more details please visit iTunes.



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