Printable Euro 2016 PDF TV schedule for UK

Product Reviews readers have been looking for a printable Euro 2016 TV schedule for the UK, although have yet been able to come across one. We also had a look and they are right, there does not seem to be one yet, although there is a way.

While we have been unable to track down a PDF for you to download and print, we did manage to find the Euro 2016 TV Schedule for the Groups stage. We then managed to convert it into a PDF for you to download and then print out for yourself, which you can see for yourself here.

Printable Euro 2016 PDF TV schedule

This does not look like a printer-friendly version when you preview it, but once you do go ahead and print its 8 pages it does come out perfectly ok.

Included in the PDF are the 2016 Euro TV times and also the channel that these matches will be broadcast on in the UK, which mostly consists of BBC or ITV, along with all the matches being covered on 5 Live.

We also have a free UEFA Euro 2016, which you can see here. All you need to do is fill out the results once each match has been played over the coming weeks. You also have the option to head to ITV and receive a calendar reminder 15 minutes before each event, although we are pretty sure this only counts for those matches being broadcast on ITV and not rival channels.



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