EU Referendum Register to Vote website down

By Alan Ng - Jun 8, 2016

We have some important information for those who have been having problems with the EU Referendum Register to Vote website down and not working today.

If you have been trying to vote on Tuesday evening but found out that the Register to Vote EU Referendum website was down, we can confirm that it has now been officially extended.

The new deadline to vote is on Thursday June 9 at 23.59PM, UK time. Thousands of voters have been unable to have their say due to the website error showing a message that read “Sorry, we are having technical problems. Please try again in a few moments”.


Hopefully you won’t have any problems voting on Wednesday night, but if you do we welcome you to leave your status below and let other voters know if there is another problem with the website.

For those that didn’t submit by post, this is the last chance to vote to remain or leave so it is crucial that the website stays up and running.

Did you run into any problems whilst trying to vote? Leave us a comment below and we’ll post updates here if technical problems happen again.

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