GTA 5 Finance DLC update has three hidden cars

Rockstar has just gone live with the new GTA 5 update on June 7, adding the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony DLC content to the game for free. However we have noticed that there appears to be three hidden cars found inside the game files for this update that have not yet been unlocked for use today.

Thanks to some detective work by Twitter user Yan2295, the three cars that have been found are the Grotti Proto, Debauchee and a Pfister.


Above is the Tweet in question and it seems like Rockstar are up to their usual tricks in adding locked content into the game so that they can make it available at a later date with just a simple hotfix.

That means these three cars will be linked to a future event and possibly even another Adversary mode as well. It won’t require another physical update on console or PC, so it will be interesting to see how long it takes for the cars to arrive.

Leave your thoughts below on the Grotti Proto, Debauchee and the Pfizer and tell us which one you are most excited about.



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