Marvel Future Fight 2.2.0 update notes so far

By Alan Ng - Jun 6, 2016

We are again building up to the next Marvel Future Fight update and developers Netmarble have confirmed that this will be the Marvel Future Fight 2.2.0 update.

Without further ado, we can now give you a heads-up on the new features being introduced and so far it looks like this will be an update that improves on existing features in the game, rather than being a massive new content drop as we’ve seen in recent weeks with Tier 2 and the Black Order.


There’s no release date yet, but typically updates tend to happen towards the end of the month. Thanks to a recent post on Mobirum, here is what is coming in Future Fight patch 2.2.0:

– Easy upgrading: Upgrade cards easier, without having to press back button
– New card sort filter
– Upgrade gears to max bad on inventory materials
– Obelisks now keeping 1st base stat on re-rolls when enhancing, similar to cards
– See preferred characters when using Biometrics Selectors
– New difficulty added for Special missions (Better rewards and drop rate perhaps?)
– Ebony Maw, Corvus Glaive difficulty in World Boss will be easier

That’s all that has been teased so far, no information yet on what new 6-star skills are coming and if there will be any new uniforms.

We are still waiting for the Daredevil Season 2 Punisher and Elektra uniforms as promised by Marvel’s Bill Rosemann. Seeing the state of the game at the moment, leave a comment below on what uniforms and 6-star skills you would like to see in the game next.

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  • Readit

    Would like to see other Characters:

    Adam Warlock
    Capt Marvell (Mar-Vell)
    Silver Surfer
    Human Torch
    Beta Ray Bill

    and lower the Boss Difficulty

  • Shawn Juarez

    Gayyyy. I’ve been impatient about this next update. I need new Content. Agent 13, BW uniforms. A new character, SOMETHING!!