GTA 5 Finance DLC update release time on PS4, Xbox One

By Alan Ng - Jun 7, 2016

It’s that time again when players are very excited to find out what time the new GTA 5 Online update is out, which we now know is going live on Tuesday June 7 and should be the GTA 5 1.18 or GTA Online 1.34 update.

As always, we have a heads-up on what time you should be able to download the update which is officially known as the ‘Further Adventures in Finance and Felony’ DLC update.

If you are not used to the release pattern that Rockstar always follow, we can give you a reminder that they always deploy updates in the morning, UK time.


With this in mind, we should be able to give you a GTA 5 June 7 release time window on PS4 and Xbox One from between 9am – 1pm UK time. For those on Pacific Time that’s 1am – 5am and Eastern Time it’s 4am to 8am.

New GTA updates are usually always live between these times so it should be a nice indication for you if you previously didn’t know whether to stay up past midnight in the US.

Of course if we find out anything beforehand regarding the schedule, we will update this article for you. Keep checking back at the times above and to kick off the discussion leave a comment below on what you are most excited about for the Finance and Felony DLC.

Update: The GTA 5 update is now live on PS4, Xbox One and PC! Get the 1.18, 1.34 Online patch notes here.

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  • Minty Kake

    Where do i find the download to the new financeandfelony on gta? On xbox one?

  • Helder Lopes

    Guys, turnoff your xbox, pull power plug out, startup xbox, launch GTA5 and the update will start

  • Axtone

    When does the Steam update starts in Germany?

    • DerOnkel

      update ist da, steam neustarten

      • Axtone

        Huiii dongeee!

  • xIconikkx

    Erm, I havn’t got the update via steam…

  • Saint184

    What’s the size of the update?

  • Dhiren Tanna

    Does this new update look for modded accounts

  • Jamal

    What would it be for Sacramento California what time

    • Dan

      Right now jamaljeet

      • Jamal

        Oh but I have small tits

        • Dan

          Actually, next week then

  • haris rahman

    when’s it going to be on for pc?

  • Mark Evans

    In the uk mine has started

    • Mason Yiu

      PC or xbox?

    • Dhiren Tanna

      Are u on the Xbox one


      hello dont know you but add me on ps4 we can play the new update togeather :3 CRZY-ADDICTIONZ

  • Dayton Randall

    Buying new car right away 😝

  • Faith Hernandez

    yup! restarted my console and now its updating! 🙂

  • AdeptGTV

    Doesn’t matter where you live, just reset your console.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone hard reset your consoles it should be live now!

  • SiRxNiNjA

    Updating for Xbox one here in California U.S.

  • Somon


  • Somon

    Cmon pleasseeee

  • Shawn

    Restart your consoles

  • Brendan Peachey

    What about Hawaii Time?

  • Dayton Randall

    Got the update Xbox one, unplug console and plug it back in should work

  • Somon

    Does it update when you start gta or is it already downloaded

  • Shawn

    It’s updating for Xbox here in Canada

  • AdeptGTV

    Reset your xbox’s guys

  • Chris Brian Jeremiah O

    Yeah it started downloading with my American PS4 in Germany. Version 1.18 GTA V

  • John Lansdown

    I just got it

  • JackWalbrin7991101

    Is the update out on Xbox one in the uk yet?

  • Benn Piper

    Nothing on PS4 yet in UK 🙁

  • John Lansdown

    On ps4 now

  • SiRxNiNja

    Xbox one U.S. ? Anyone ?

  • Chris Brian Jeremiah O

    Started downloading right now. Im here in Germany

  • Shawn

    Nothing in Canada yet for xbox

    • Dee dub

      I’m in Vancouver and I have it

  • John Lansdown

    Not on ps4 uk

    • CageD 1990

      It is as I am downloading it now

  • Luke

    Is it in the uk yet

    • Zac


  • luke

    Any8ne know when it launches in south africa?

  • John Lansdown

    Nothing on ps4 uk

  • CageD 1990

    It out in UK now

  • John Lansdown

    Anyone in the uk got the update

    • Mark


  • Mark

    I got the update Xbox one uk

  • Austin

    Add me on xbox one Sub Agony

  • John Lansdown


  • John Lansdown

    I am ps4

  • Dom

    Just got the update here in AZ

    • Machinu

      I’m in Az too and haven’t gotten it.

    • Dee dub

      Same !! I’m a ceo. Wanna work under me?

    • Machinu

      Nvm, just got it this very minute.

  • Chevy


    • Zac

      Out in the uk yet?

  • Xenqx

    Add my gamer tag Xenqx xbox one

  • AdeptGTV

    Could be any time from now till 1pm

  • John Lansdown

    Don’t no soon I hope

  • Manuel

    Is there a time the update Will come

  • Luke

    Anyone know what time it’s out at

  • John Lansdown

    Add me game tag gta beast qdt7

  • John Lansdown

    How long to the update in the uk

  • Ben Seddik

    Add my gamer tag if your from uk

  • Street

    Trump looks like a lizzard

    • Dom

      thats our next president

  • connor


  • Ben Seddik

    Is it on in the uk yet

    • Luke

      Not yet

  • Alter(Wyatt)

    I’m central time

  • Dom

    Trump 2016 lol

    • Eastsidecr4cker

      You saw that too? Lol

      • Dom

        nah im actually a trump supporter lmao

  • Street

    Could of bought a mini mantion instead i bought a necklace could of bought a Bentley but instead I bought a cheverlay donk is sitn on 6s b1$$h

  • Reese

    Any u scrubs wanna get smacked on gta add me n join my session lBigReesey

  • Dallas

    Anybody with a ps4 wanna wait in the update Add Me DallasDuhh

  • Simon

    Anyone wanna have a party on Xbox while we wait drop your game tag I’ll invite you

    • Dom


    • Eastsidecr4cker

      Might be waiting for a bit 🙁

    • Dom

      Safe is my gamertag btw

    • SremmLife200

      Mine is derpychickem

    • Idk

      Cit3 D

    • Idk

      CIT3 D

  • Be Shearer

    9am – 1pm? 🙁
    I hope I get it soon.. Lol

  • ryan

    I woke up at 5 am eastern time and I’m still waiting. No update. Will it automatically generate in the game or will it kick you out the session

    • Bop

      there’s still time to wait, wait like 3-4 hours more.

    • Guy

      umm..its only 4am eastern time genius!

    • Glen

      Only 4:30, dude

  • Bobby

    How much longer

  • Angel

    How much longer

  • Zachariah Myricks

    I am on mountain time will the update come for ‘e?

  • Mohan Raj

    Actually am from INDIA ..
    At what time update will drop ..??

    • WHITEBOY27

      Indians shouldn’t play GTA they should sit and eat curry

      • Danny Murray

        Why do you have to be racist you immature little boy.

  • Fjorg Vanderplög

    10.00 – 14.00 Central European Time to My fellow Euro trash compadres who’s too stupid to figure out that GMT (UK time) is -1 hour from CET (Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Stockholm etc etc) and also too stupid to figure out the whole AM-PM deal.

  • Richy Haines

    Don’t know what time it comes out!! modded accounts beware, as this update checks for mods to your accounts also. Mods = ban

    • Badsport

      Stfu scrub

      • bob


        • Badsport

          Come at me scrub i bet u get bodied too

        • Badsport

          People like,u get my legit acc ban cause u all dont know how to play

    • Badsport

      U mad u always getting bodied

    • Rory D

      where the source about that dumb ass. u def get bodied hater. lol

  • Cj

    What about central time zone?

    • Memer2221

      use an online time zone converter..?

      • Cj

        Good idea. Lol.

      • Kavon Arndrake Willoughby

        So if I use it I can get the update early

    • Ma

      That would be 3 am to 7 am central time

      • Juice


  • kaytlin

    i live in mountain time zone so when will it come out for me i live in Arizona

    • Jesus Diaz

      We in Az are on the same time schedule as Pacific standard time. So, according to this it should come out between 1am and 5am.

      • Kavon Arndrake Willoughby

        So if I use the conveter I can get it at 1am

      • NE0N EVO

        People are even saying that it would come out from 1am to 12pm

  • Chad

    Few more hours for sure

    • Caden

      What time does the update drop?

      • oSandmann

        It should be around 4 AM to 8 AM in Eastern Time.

  • Isam Montgomery Bhatti

    Does any 1 know what time its coming out

    • kyle

      It literally tell us when it does

    • NE0N EVO

      I don’t know the exact time but expect it in the next 12 hours