FIFA 16 player spends £200 worth of packs, gets nothing

EA has unleashed the most expensive pack in FIFA 16 history, as hours ago Ultimate Packs costing 125,000 coins a piece were available on the store for a limited duration and with a global limit for all players worldwide.

Now we show you just what you can get inside these packs, or in this case what you can’t get inside these packs. It’s also a bold reminder of how quickly you can get sucked into the pack gamble and blow £200 worth of packs in a few minutes.

That is obviously pretty amazing when you think about it and you would think that this kind of money would result in getting at least one blue TOTS card, which is what all of these FIFA YouTube players are aiming for.


It didn’t happen on this occasion though and the player is unsurprisingly feeling rather sick about it. Would you spend £200 on packs as well for the fun of it, or do you think this is a dangerous reminder of how frustrating the Ultimate Team pack system can be?

Watch the video below for yourself and let us know your thoughts on it.



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