BMW M2 GranCoupé practicality over rivals

While people fell in love with the BMW M2 Coupé, the German carmaker is so happy with its success that they are now said to be working on a different version, and that is the GranCoupé.

What makes the BMW M2 GranCoupé so special is its extra power and aggression thanks to its proposed 365 horsepower. Try not to get too excited though, as it’s not set to get released until 2019 in the UK.

The reason that BMW needs to release a sibling to the M2 Coupe is because they need to be able to offer something to take on their rivals – or more so two of them. The two cars that the M2 GranCoupe will take aim at is the Audi RS3 saloon and the Mercedes-AMG CLA 45.

BMW M2 GranCoupé release

What will differ from BMW’s offering compared to their rivals we hear you ask? Well, according to BMW Blog the M2 GranCoupé will have a longitudinally mounted engine, along with rear-wheel drive, compared to transversely mounted engines and a four-wheel drive system for the other two models.

Basically this means that BMW’s new model will have practicality over rivals because it’s more engaging for drivers.

Not much else is known, so do not expect to learn its bodystyle just yet, as BMW is keeping that one a bit of a secret.



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