Battlefield 1 multiplayer gameplay release time

For those that are patiently waiting to see actual Battlefield 1 multiplayer gameplay, we have some important information for you now.

EA has just confirmed when you will be able to see the first Battlefield 1 footage and the good news is that it will all be live streamed.

As part of EA’s E3 2016 coverage, the Battlefield 1 multiplayer gameplay release time is Sunday June 12 at 2pm Pacific Time, 5pm Eastern Time or 10PM for those tuning in from the UK.


To watch this event live, you can head over to the EA Play website here at the times and date above. EA are calling it the Battlefield Squads event and it will be the first live stream shown to the world with 64 players battling it out at once.

Are you excited about Battlefield 1 and don’t care so much about Infinite Warfare this year? Let us know your thoughts on which game you will buy and what you personally want to see from Battlefield 1 compared to Battlefield 4.



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