Microsoft Vs Sony E3 2016 press conference times

By Alan Ng - May 30, 2016

We are just days away from this year’s E3 event and we bet that many of you are already counting down yourselves to E3 2016 press conferences, from the likes of Sony and Microsoft with the big focus on new hardware.

For those that still need a heads-up on when all of the action takes place, we have a last minute reminder of when Sony and Microsoft’s E3 2016 keynotes will start.

They both take place on Monday June 13 and just like last year Microsoft will have the opportunity to showcase to the world first what they have been keeping a secret for months, before Sony.


As a result, you need to know that Microsoft’s Press conference at E3 2016 is at 9.30am Pacific Time – or 12.30pm EST and 5.30PM UK time.

Sony on the other hand will take over for the evening shift. Their press conference starts at 6PM Pacific Time, which means 9PM Eastern Time and a late 2am start for those watching from the UK.

Big rumors are suggesting that 4K console reveals are nailed on, so it really is going to be an unmissable event for gamers regardless of what console loyalty you side with.

Will you be tuning into both events? Sony’s E3 2016 website will be here but hasn’t been updated yet, while Microsoft has already updated their portal with all of the details here.

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  • Dave

    alright, I’m taking sony side here because anything released by Microsoft ends up a big disappointment over hyped and followed by crazies microsoft employeed posting and over hyping their own products, plus Sony has a huge lead and Microsoft will never catch up because they only do software and even then it’s so poor