Microsoft Band 3 release date in June suspected

There are several rumors going around in regards to the Microsoft Band 3, most of which is due to the fact that the Band 2 price drop has been extended to July 9, which just so happens to be a month after the date of a Microsoft event. Even though this device has had some success, it’s not taken off like some of its rival wearables, and so it’s one of the reasons why its price is still only $174.99, which is $75 off its standard price. The cost in the UK is £149.99, a saving of £50.

This discount was only meant to last until May 29, so either Microsoft feel the sale did not sell enough units, or it proved so popular that they wanted to extend it. Either way, this will now leave people confused because while the Microsoft Band 3 is due for release until October, there could be a possibility that the third generation model could be released sooner.

Microsoft Band 3 specs

With Microsoft due to hold an event on June 9, we could see them unveil the Band 3, with its release to follow the month after, which is something we see a lot more of these days, as it gives companies time to gear up for the release of a new device, and start to take pre-orders.

June 9 is also the day that Microsoft is to launch new mobile phones, or so we are to assume. We know that the company is starting to wind down its handset program, but they could still reveal a new Moto Z handset, and we also know they are currently working on a range of Surface phones – or so we are led to believe.

We could have it all wrong of course and we could still see the Microsoft Band 3 released in October, but why keep the current model at a discount price for so long?



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